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At MultiGP IO There Is Always That One Guy

So to start off with I had a wonderful time finally meeting several of my fpvchat slackers in person and some of the DRL pilots.  It was a ton of fun and I hope they do it again next year as I will be there.  The racing was top notch and other than a few hiccups and one very public backlash I think the event went off superbly.  I arrived Friday at 1:30AM and made it out to the field to register and fly by 10:30AM,  Tired but not that tired the wife and I checked out several of the tracks and visited with everyone we could.  I flew mostly the freestyle track until the RR crew started their game of KWAD.  Seeing as it was a ton more watching than flying we made a trip out to the very empty battle track.

Now here’s where things went all wrong,  First I break the camera pod on the hive 210.  I follow it up with the hyphy 6″ getting stuck in the gate by a frayed string.  After we managed to dislodge that and I changed all the props I went back to the flight line.  Plugged in and walked back to my seat.  At this point I notice it doing it’s SOS churp so I grab my taranis and verify it’s on (which it is).  I then do something monumentally stupid.  I clip it on then walk to the quad to disconnect the battery to take a look.  As I pick it up I bump the arm switch.  Can you guess what happens?  It full throttle tries to launch off with my ring finger getting chewed up by the props.

NSFL (warning gore)

Before you ask.  Yes it was betaflight 3.2, no it was not a\the bug, and yes I’m a moron.  I will be implementing the prearm function now on all my quads.

Even after all this I enjoyed my trip even though I couldn’t compete at this point.  It was great getting to know the people in this hobby and some of the amazing things they can do with these things.

I want to shout out to all the guys from FPVCHAT that I was able to get to sign my shirt as well.  Thanks guys for being such an awesome community.

Lastly yes I was that guy that had to get his fingers nearly chopped off at the event go figure.

Going to MultiGP International Open and other news

Well the news is in I’ll be heading to Muncie, Indiana for MultiGP International Open.  This will be the biggest drone related event I will have attended.  The wife and I will be arriving sometime on the 10th and I have tickets for the 11th – 13th.  Looking forward to finally meeting in person the guys I have been chatting and talking to for the past year and a half on FPVChat slack and hangouts.  To prepare for it I’ve been trying to get out and fly more as well as working on my ever frustrating aversion to turning right.   Hopefully I don’t embarrass myself too much.

On a sad note I wanted to belatedly put out my thoughts and feelings for the Culpepper family for their loss of JC aka Project Blue Falcon on YouTube.  He passed away in a motorcycle a few weeks back.  He was a asset to the community and a genuinely humble, gentle person.  He will be missed and I hope where ever he is knows how much he impacted so many strangers who he never met but helped so much in this hobby.  Please help the family with settling his debts and help cover his memorial by donating to the gofundme.

Take care and keep in the air.

Finding Flow in Freestyle

So I’ve struggled hard to figure out this thing called flow and freestyle.  I’m still struggling at this point and if I’m honest I’m probably going to continue to struggle with it.  I’m a very linear thinker and a logical thought process.  Flow is very creative and improvisational which I don’t do well.  This isn’t to say I can’t but those moments are few and far between for me.  To me flow is to be one with your gear and just fly like there is no transmitter and goggles between you and your craft.  Flying to me is freedom.  Freedom of the bounds of our earth bound bodies and allows you to expand your mind in all 3 dimensions in fluid non-stop momentum.  I don’t know a better way to explain it.  Lately I’ve been forcing myself to use smoother movements on the sticks and less jittery control inputs.  I’ve also been pushing my comfort zone with flying over things that could leave me with a complete loss of gear such as tall trees, buildings, and soon water.  I’m by no means pushing it like some others out there do as I don’t have the confidence in my gear or myself to do it but I hope to over the next year.  Here’s my latest creation to show some progress.  This video was footage taken over the past few weeks with concentration on flying smoother.  

Let me know what you think and feel free to post any comments on the videos.

Just signed up for a race and finished my Falcon 130 build

Signed up to be part of a for show race at the Savage, MN Dan Patch Days and hosted by Maverick Drone Systems.  It will be a very quick heat races as we only have 30 mins total from start to finish at this point.  I’m probably not as ready as I should be but you have to start somewhere.  Will post video when I’m done as it should be interesting although I’m guessing short :).


On another note I finished my Falcon 130 finally and maidened it today.  Flew pretty well running on Betaflight 2.8.1 with SuperExpo and Airmode features enabled.  Getting alot of oscillations on prop wash and the motors are heating up more than I’d like to see so will require tuning.  You can find the build here at  if you’re interested in the hardware.  And lastly I got my custom stickers for Chris Ames FPV.  Pretty impressed with their quality.


New Challenges 2015

Well again back after changing jobs and seeing how things are changing figured I’d put a post up.  Moving from the private financial sector to the public software developer sector.  We’ll see what kind of new things I’ll discover here.  At the previous employer it was all go no rest for the weary this place seems to be more get what you can done but we don’t expect miracles and don’t kill yourself trying.  Time will tell.

Kidney no more

Well it’s now the end of July and I can say that the last 2 years have sucked royally.  Through all my complications with kidney stones and the pain accompanying it I seem to be free of it.  It had a heavy cost though I lost my left kidney and have to be very careful of my diet to prevent any from forming in my remaining right kidney.  I missed out on my girl growing up for 2 years and don’t want to miss out on anymore.  Today I can say I’m pain free and for the most part got my energy back.  Here’s to hopefully more updates and remaining kidney pain free.

Unfortunate Summer 2013

Sadly it’s been a eventful summer in a negative way.  Was laid up for 3 months with a kidney stone and stent that caused egregious pain and limiting of anything beyond sitting around.  Finally free of it all as of the middle of August. Summer is nearly over and now trying to fill in my summer with everything that was waiting on my recovery.  Irritating to say the least.

Spring Fever

We are nearing the end of March here and all I can do is think about all the projects I have set to do this summer and a few activities I’d like to take up.

First and foremost I’d like to get my yard in working order and have something other than a brown yard this year overgrown with weeds.  Here is my list organized by priority:

  1. Fertilize and weed killer
  2. Fix rear fence to keep dog in yard
  3. Fix once and for wall underground sprinkler system
  4. De-Weed the rockbeds
  5. Clear out debris behind house on rockbed slope
  6. Give the backyard some much needed attention and rid ourselves of the ant mounds.

For my sanity and a little bit of fun I’d like to get some sort of playset for my daughter to play with and maybe designate a corner area for that.  I’d also like to take up a hobby working with RC Airplanes or something along those lines.  A mixture of electronics and aviation would be fun and a learning experience.

Now realistically I hope to accomplish maybe half of that LOL due to our short summers and sometimes crappy weather but with any luck I’ll enjoy most of it and accomplish a fair bit of it.