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New year trying to get healthy

Well the new year started over a month ago and I’m still dealing with the aftermath of my previous post from nearly a year ago.  I’ve had 3 more bouts of kidney stones and now am seeing a specialist in Urology from the UofM to look at the damage done by the first kidney stone removal.  It appears it will require major surgery to fix being that there is so much scar tissue it will prevent me from passing even the smallest of stone material.  In lieu of the surgery I am trying to change some of my bad habits to make recovery that much easier and to get off on the right foot afterwards.  I have quit drinking soda and instead am imbibing in water for my drink of choice.  I have also quit smoking through use of the nicotine patch.  This definitely helps me but eventually that will be gone too.  I’m down to 267 lbs from a high of 296 lbs.  My goal by end of summer will be to be down to 240 or less.  This is for myself and my family as this last year has been very tough on all of us with me being laid up for a month ever 3 months dealing with these kidney stones and healing from them.  So with that said here’s a toast to the new year and with any luck and a lot of will power a new more energetic and 2014.

I’m officially moved over to a real hosting service.

Due to issues of hacking on my site and my server containing the site I have moved to a hosted site instead of doing it out of my home.  I have also decided to make this a personal blog and start as my IT blog.  I haven’t been able to post due to the lack of time I’ve had between a new child, full-time work, and full-time school but I’m hoping to give this a run to keep family and friends up to date.

Working hard

Trying to do my summer landscaping projects.  Never knew how difficult it is to dig up bushes.  Looks like its bush stump 1 shovel 0.  Going to have to try and pull it out with the lawn tractor.  Wish me luck.

Back online

After over a year and a half of being offline due to a server issue and lack of time/motivation to fix it I am back up.  Happy New Year 2011.  With the new year my sister brought a beautiful baby boy into the world named Maverick so I’m now a new Uncle and proudly so.  My house is still standing and still in need of work that seems to never end so that hasn’t changed.  Life in general has been interesting as of late though.  I was Married in July to a beautiful smart woman and we are still trying to plan a Honeymoon which seems that is such a staple between her and I never completing anything on time.  Well hopefully I’ll post more often but we’ll see.

Life as a house

Well purchased my new house in February and have worked on it a ton.  Spent alot of time cleaning and painting.  We just finished replacing the roof as it was in awful shape.  More posts to come as I get some updates to my albums on here.  I finally get to experience the joys of home ownership as well as the not so gratifying bits like paying for the thing. 

On another note I finally migrated my server off of my ubuntu box to a solitary ESXi server.  Seems access times are better now for the site as well as overall responsiveness.  I’m always up for a real server and seems that I finally got one donated to me.  An old HP Proliant ML370 G3 with a 2.8Ghz single core Xeon and 4GB’s ram as well as 2×78 GB 15k RPM U320 drives running in RAID0.  All in all I’m very happy albeit a bit deaf since the thing sounds like it’s going to fly off the floor.

New House

I start the month out with the purchase of my first home.  I got in on a great interest rate and after 6 mos of searching Mel and I settled on a new house.  We closed on Wednesday February 4th and started work immediately to get it ready for us to move in.  Our friends and family have been indespensible working as hard as we have to tidy and renovate the new place.  A lot of things are changing about as quickly as they can so who knows what next month will bring.

Happy New Year 2009

Well I closed out another banner year for me.  Much learned and gained with very little lost.  As some may know I’ve been house hunting for the better part of 4 months and seen nearly 50 homes (in person) in the process and everytime we get close to choosing one it dissappears.  I don’t know who the news is listening to but the market is alive and well with alot of competition (at least in the Twin Cities).  Well good news; my search is hopefully over.  We made an offer on a place and after they strung us along a bit to get a competing bid in our offer was accepted.  It was a great start to the year 1/8/09 my offer was accepted a little late for the actual new years celebration but we’ll celebrate anyways.  Here are some pictures.  Now onto the fun part trying to get the water turned on and get the thing inspected with fingers crossed nothing huge comes up.  I want to wish everyone a happy new year and my thoughts go out to all the people who are struggling.

Days of the past!

I got a bit of a blast from the past unexpectly today.  Aparently things although buried nearly 5 years ago have come back to haunt me a bit.  I made one of those rare extremely negative impressions with people.  My ex from over 5 years ago still seems to believe I’m a nightmare as she is filtering me out on Facebook.  Now not that I really am interested in communicating with her but it did bring me to a realization of sorts.  No matter your intentions or past good graces with anyone you can still with a few sweeping moves completely destroy how someone looks at you but not only that how long that impression lasts.  I’m generally considered a very nice guy but I do have a dark side as much as anyone else.  I’ve done some things I’m not rather proud of and yes in that relationship there were a few especially at the end.  For me the end of that relationship showed me many things about myself that I never realized before.  I hated myself, what I had become, and what I done to my life.  I had no goals had no ambitions and believed that things should just happen for me.  God what a nightmare living with me must have been.  Today the story is different.  I have changed so much in so many different ways I don’t believe I’m the same person.  I’m focused, successful, and happy.  Best of all I like myself.  This event in my life was the pivotal part of my future that I desperately needed.  I hit rock bottom picked myself up made some goals, stuck to them and am in such a better place these days.  I know that her and I shall never speak again but if I could I’d say “Thank You”.  I wouldn’t have ever become what I am today without her doing what she did.

Life is about the experiences and you cannot know Love without Hate and you cannot be free until you see beyond your world.

Argh Windows SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 Migration

Well I am guinea pigging a small buisness server migration for my company so I can pass my knowledge on to the other engineers and I have run into a pretty big snag.  Upon completing the endless updates to their old SBS 2003 server and running their prep tool on that server along with creating the answer file needed to do a semi unattended install of SBS 2008 I alas run into while installing a DCPROMO failed error.  It seems that the ole SBS 2003 server will not give up so easily and be outed by newer better software.  I have made some changes to DHCP from the old server which some how got reactivated after running the prep tool and am trying again.  Being the software is so new it is very hard to find any kind of quick answer and I hope not to have to resort to calling Microsoft tech support.  I’ll post an upadate when I get some results.