First FPV with new FatShark Dominator V3’s

Been flying with the Quanum V2’s for about 8 mos now and I loved them.  The problem with them is they are bulky and cumbersome to wear due to the straps easily loosening.  I upgraded to the Dominator V3’s from FatShark recently and just did my first flight with DVR with them.  A few notes on the FatSharks vs the Quanums:

1.)  FOV.

Although on the surface the smaller FOV on the FatSharks seems to be a loss I found that I was much better able to focus on what was around me vs the Quanums.

2.)  Travel size is king.

No matter what you do there is no beating portability.  I didn’t find any real cases that fit the Quanums well and how bulky they were they were much more likely to get damaged due to it   rolling around in the car.

3.)  DVR.

Yeah being able to record video from whatever your flying directly from the FPV stream vs HD camera opens up so many more opportunities to capture your flights.

4.)  Price.

The FatSharks are overpriced but they are one of the few offerings in that form factor and in my opinion if you can afford them get them.  The Quanums are the best price to performance   package out there still and until FatShark comes out with something cheaper with DVR my opinion will remain the same.

With no further ado here’s some video footage of my first flight with the Dom V3’s.  Keep in mind it’s raw and YouTube kills the quality even further.