Hive 210 build log

So I’ve been looking for quite some time for a new non-x racing frame.  One that is durable and well balanced.  I initially looked at the QAV-R frame but for one thing I wanted something a bit more unique and the other I didn’t like what I was hearing about it’s durability.  Long story short I was recommended by several people in my slack channel to take a look at the Hive 210 frame and so I did and I love it.  I wanted to yell out a special thanks to Florian of Florotors for sending me some of the 3d printed parts used in this build.  If you want a run down on the components used in this build goto rotorbuilds Below you’ll find some pictures and a build log for it.

I started with a mock-up and layout of all the components I plan to use:


I started with mounting the PDB as this is the bottom of the main stack which gives this machine life.


Next I find where I’m going to place all the components on this I put the standoffs on the stack and put the flight controller on to see what kind of room I have to work with


Now that I have an idea of how much room I start the actual build.

I install the ESC’s in their cases on the arms trying to place them at equal spacing


I install the PDB in the frame and begin soldering the ESC power leads to it.


I install the motors and solder them up as well trying to keep all my wiring under the PDB and out of sight.


I wire in the flight controller and again try to keep all the wires underneath to keep a clean build.


Lastly I zip tie the RX and VTX to the top plate which just barely fits.

20160811_214911 20160811_214922

And here’s the finished product

20160729_002112 20160729_002122 20160728_235608 20160728_235604 20160728_235557 20160728_235544 20160728_235537