New builds and new warmer weather.

We’ve had some unusually warm weather well above average the past few weeks.  We also dodged a bullet of a snow storm that was supposed to lay down over a foot of snow.  Due to the weather I’ve been practicing a ton with the game Velocidrone  as it seems to be a better approximation of the real thing sans crashing and rebuilding that is.  It features a full betaflightesque PID controller as well as options to change just about every setting on it.  The guys in my FPV-Chat Slack and I have been playing the multiplayer which is awesome and allows you to play all the UTT tracks as well as create your own.  Highly suggest giving their trial a try and if you like it buy it as it’s only $20 and keeps your skills up.

I’d like to throw out a shout out to GapIT, Dirt Diver, and BlueGrassMultirotor for their epic new podcast “The FPV Show” as it’s different from the few others out there.  These guys are funny but informative and they are doing it from the perspective of their particular skill sets.  This isn’t your interview someone new every week type fare.  As of this writing they are only 3 episodes in but I’ve enjoyed them all so far.

Onto my flying.  I’ve been putting in between 15 and 30 packs a week trying to get more comfortable behind the sticks from a long winter of neglect.  2 things that are helping me tremendously right now.  1st the sims like the one mentioned above have been a godsend.  They have helped me focus more on learning to read a field and get my racing lines down.  2nd would be the new frame I have assembled.  The Räsvelg 5″ stretch frame and hardware makes it so much easier to carry a line.  It’s primarily a race focused frame and that’s what it’s really good at.  Super light and with a 4in1 ESC along with an Omnibus F4 V2 FC it’s clean and compact as well.  Can’t say enough good about this frame and it’s a treat to fly.