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At MultiGP IO There Is Always That One Guy

So to start off with I had a wonderful time finally meeting several of my fpvchat slackers in person and some of the DRL pilots.  It was a ton of fun and I hope they do it again next year as I will be there.  The racing was top notch and other than a few hiccups and one very public backlash I think the event went off superbly.  I arrived Friday at 1:30AM and made it out to the field to register and fly by 10:30AM,  Tired but not that tired the wife and I checked out several of the tracks and visited with everyone we could.  I flew mostly the freestyle track until the RR crew started their game of KWAD.  Seeing as it was a ton more watching than flying we made a trip out to the very empty battle track.

Now here’s where things went all wrong,  First I break the camera pod on the hive 210.  I follow it up with the hyphy 6″ getting stuck in the gate by a frayed string.  After we managed to dislodge that and I changed all the props I went back to the flight line.  Plugged in and walked back to my seat.  At this point I notice it doing it’s SOS churp so I grab my taranis and verify it’s on (which it is).  I then do something monumentally stupid.  I clip it on then walk to the quad to disconnect the battery to take a look.  As I pick it up I bump the arm switch.  Can you guess what happens?  It full throttle tries to launch off with my ring finger getting chewed up by the props.

NSFL (warning gore)

Before you ask.  Yes it was betaflight 3.2, no it was not a\the bug, and yes I’m a moron.  I will be implementing the prearm function now on all my quads.

Even after all this I enjoyed my trip even though I couldn’t compete at this point.  It was great getting to know the people in this hobby and some of the amazing things they can do with these things.

I want to shout out to all the guys from FPVCHAT that I was able to get to sign my shirt as well.  Thanks guys for being such an awesome community.

Lastly yes I was that guy that had to get his fingers nearly chopped off at the event go figure.

Going to MultiGP International Open and other news

Well the news is in I’ll be heading to Muncie, Indiana for MultiGP International Open.  This will be the biggest drone related event I will have attended.  The wife and I will be arriving sometime on the 10th and I have tickets for the 11th – 13th.  Looking forward to finally meeting in person the guys I have been chatting and talking to for the past year and a half on FPVChat slack and hangouts.  To prepare for it I’ve been trying to get out and fly more as well as working on my ever frustrating aversion to turning right.   Hopefully I don’t embarrass myself too much.

On a sad note I wanted to belatedly put out my thoughts and feelings for the Culpepper family for their loss of JC aka Project Blue Falcon on YouTube.  He passed away in a motorcycle a few weeks back.  He was a asset to the community and a genuinely humble, gentle person.  He will be missed and I hope where ever he is knows how much he impacted so many strangers who he never met but helped so much in this hobby.  Please help the family with settling his debts and help cover his memorial by donating to the gofundme.

Take care and keep in the air.

MinimOSD programming through your flight controller

OSD’s have come a long way since where I started with the MinimOSD.  They have added features and streamlined some of the interface but the problem with it was the inability to easily change a setting other than by the limited menu via stick commands or having to hook it up to a serial to USB adapter.  This was a major headache most people did not want to deal with and so OSD’s seemed to be a feature most didn’t want to bother with.

As of BetaFlight 2.4.2 a feature has been added called SerialPassthrough and this allows your flight controller to act as a bridge to anything you have connected to a UART on your flight controller. Ben Timby submitted a pull request after testing it on a modified version of BetaFlight. For those with a Micro MinimOSD or MinimOSD that means you can access and change the setting on the OSD via the USB port on the flight controller.  Now you can’t flash or update the firmware through this feature as that still requires an Arduino or USB Serial programmer but usually that’s a one time thing you do before you install it anyway.

Here’s how to do it (text version below video):

It’s actually very straight forward and simple once you understand what it’s doing.  You have 2 or 3 UART’s typically depending on the board.  UART is short for Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (wikipedia) but basically for our use is a serial port with RX and TX pins or pads.  It’s what our flight controller uses to communicate to devices you connect (for example USB, SBUS, SmartPort Telemetry, OSD’s, GPS, etc).  What this new feature enables is it allows your built in USB to Serial adapter that you use on your flight controller to connect to things connected on the UART ports on the board using serial communication. Basically you send a command through the USB com port and it mirrors it on a UART that you specify with the command.

A few caveat’s you must know before doing this:

  1. UART 1 is typically reserved for the USB so if you have connected anything you want to access on that UART this will not work
  2. Depending on your setup you may need to power the device you are trying to connect to access it.  In my case I had to plug the battery in to give voltage to the Micro MinimOSD I had installed.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Connect your flight controller to the USB on your computer.
  2. Open Cleanflight and connect to the flight controller while noting the com port it’s using.
  3. Goto the Ports tab and verify what UART you’ve connected your device to.
  4. Goto the CLI tab and type the following:  serialpassthrough (port) (baud)  NOTE:  Betaflight labels serial ports starting from 0 not 1 yet most flight controllers label UART’s starting with 1.  So when selecting your serial port you’ll typically take whatever the UART number is and subtract 1 to get the serial port it’s asking for.
    1. Example:  You have your MinimOSD connected to UART2 that you want to connect to you’ll need to type: serialpassthrough 1 11500
  5.  Power up the device you are trying to connect to if it’s not already
  6. You will see what looks like random characters start scrolling under the command you ran if it’s working properly.
  7. Disconnect and close cleanflight but leave all the connections as they are.
  8. Open up your software you use to configure it.  In my case it was MwOSD GUI.
  9. Select the port you noted in cleanflight being used to connect to your flight controller and connect.
  10. You should have read/write access now to the device.
  11. When you’re done all you need to do is reset the flight controller via reset button or unplugging USB and battery.  This will remove the serialpassthrough so you can once again access it via cleanflight.

I have only tested this with Micro MinimOSD and the original MinimOSD but as I understand it it will work with anything connected to the UART that supports programming through the RX/TX pins like GPS.

You can find me on slack in FPVChat if you have any questions under the username drkavnger99.